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Welcome to The Path Edition official website.

Our catalogue includes a select number of books which specifically address existential problems and the eternal human questions, trying to give them an answer based on the authors’ direct experience.

The meaning of human life, the problem of the existence of God, the reality of the individual soul, the moral fundamentals of a happy life, what is the cause of suffering, the meaning of life and the mystery of death, the purpose and the common foundation of the major religions

And yet: what is the true meaning of the term “Spirituality”, what features should a genuine Spiritual Guide or Master of Spirituality and Life possess, the way to reach real and long-lasting knowledge and happiness through the practice of meditation, an experience that is at the base of all major religions that have stood the test of time: these are some of the topics tackled by the authors we publish.

Their contributions, although different for the topics covered and the level of detail and the narrative style, share the extraordinary simplicity and evidence with which they approach all these issues that have always fascinated, but often elude the human intellectual capacity.

Because at this time only personal experience can give a scientific answer to these fundamental questions.

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